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Many Large businesses require high data speeds and reliable SLAs to help meet their business goals. Selden IT Solutions provides the most advancedT1 line packages which include - 100% committed bandwidth. Our t1 lines also come with money-back service level guarantees. While we are a New York Based T1 line provider, our business model allows us to provide Nationwide coverage for most US business addresses. We can seamlessly integrate with your existing network equipment including routers, switches, etc. and we provide 24x7x365 support.

Selden IT Solutions is a leading provider of T1 lines throughout the nation. The reason that we succeed is because we have partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry to help provide many T1 line products to suit every business need. Weather you require a T1 in a metro area such as New York or a suburban city within Long Island we can accommodate your broadband needs seamlessly and professionally.

For the existing or new business owner that might not understand the benefits of a dedicated T1 line, we can ensure you that there are a plethora of benefits. First, a T1 line allows you to connect multiple offices so that you can quickly share data. This will allow your business to work much more efficiently. A dedicated line also gives you the added benefit of data security between your office locations. With your own dedicated T1 line never worry again about sensitive information being transferred over the unsecured internet. Use your T1 to provide remote access to your office for your employees. Now your employees can work from home and remote into the office over your dedicated broadband connection. Below are a few more of our T1 line benefits:

Solution Management : We will manage the entire t1 line installation from start to finish. From your CPE termination device up to the LL provider. We also make everything easy as you have one point of contact for all your broadband needs.

Installation : If you prefer to use your own equipment that is ok with us. However if you would like us to provide the equipment to terminate your T1 line that option is up to you. We are here to help.

Reliability and Scalability : The Network is so advanced that many times there are network outages that never affect you as the customer. Our robust network is able to re-route your traffic in the event of a network failure. We are able to do this due to the network having Nationwide presence with multiple diverse network paths. This type of reliability instills confidence in our customers

Quick Response Times: We have a dedicated Network Operations Center that will monitor your t1 line 24hrs a day. Because we are actively monitoring your t1 line we will be able to notify you and fix your t1 line in the event of an incident.

Guaranteed Service Levels for all T1 Lines: We provide Service Level Agreements with all of our T1 Lines. This guarantee includes a high rate of network uptime and minute loss of data frames.

Our T1 lines are extremely Affordable: Customers ask us all the time how we are able to afford such low prices. Because we are a wholesale company we can afford to offer the best rates in the industry.

For additional information on our T1 lines, please visit our resource links on the right side of the page. Or if you would like to get your business T1 line started today, please fill out the contact form or call us directly.




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