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  • IT Services Long Island New York and Nationwide
    New York's premier Information Technology solutions provider
  • Outsourced help desk
    Reduce costs and provide 24/7 support to your staff
  • Email Archiving service
    Stay e-discovery compliant and store emails without unessesary costs
  • IT Email/Web Security service
    Protect your company equipment with state of the art virus and DOS attacks prevention systems
  • Secure online remote data backup service (electronic vaulting)
    Limit your hardware costs while protecting you valuable data. Data is easily stored and retrieved.
  • Managed IT network operations
    Around the clock monitoring of your company equipment and network status.
  • Network Design specialists
    Our IT consultants will perform expert network design to meet your business needs
  • Logo Design Pros
    Looking to brand your company or boost company image? Let a professional Logo design do the trick
  • Data Recovery
    Recover valuable data drom hard disks, ipods, flash drives, etc.
  • Computer Repair
    Affordable computer repair for any sized business or individuals!
  • Broadband Services
    We can provide T1 Lines, metro ethernet, DS3 connections and more!
  • Software Development
    Professional and clean software code written to your specifications. Custom applications available.

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    "We have formulated a set of managed services which can satisfy many needs for your business."

    "...cut costs while increasing productivity and profitability."

    "All of our managed services systems are maintained 24/7 by industry experts"

    "...we can also dispatch an onsite technician to resolve issues. "

    "...hardware and software costs are virtually eliminated."

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