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Network Design New York

Opening a new office? Relocating? Upgrading existing infrastructure? Any of these things may require computer software and/or hardware. Let Selden IT Solutions prepare an up to date network design to accommodate your business needs. Sure you could hire your local computer geek to throw a few servers together and call it a network, however a properly thought out Network design will make your life easier in the long run.

Small / Medium Sized Business Network Design
If you are a smaller company you may be thinking that you do not require a network design for your small office. We hear it all the time. The truth is that any business can use at least a high level network design to ensure that the network is scalable for future needs. We can provide this. Our Network design team will assess your business and scope out the best options for it. We will even provide a diagram of your network so that if you decide to make changes in the future your network can be modified effortlessly. Don't make the mistake of having the "geek team" plug in a few routers and some servers and leave your business in jeopardy.

Many smaller companies may have needs to connect multiple offices, or they may require workers to have the ability to log in remotely. Our network design team can provide a detailed solution to accomplish all of these tasks. We make network design simple. If you have an idea you would like us to explore contact us now.

Large Corporations and Fortune 100 companies Network Design
For larger companies network design is not an option, it is a requirement. We know you understand the importance of having a properly designed network. This is why we employ a team of professionals that have performed advanced network design for major corporations including fortune 100 financial companies in New York City. No matter the scope of your network design needs we are 100% confident that we will make the whole process seamless.

Depending on the size of the network design project it may be necessary to have a project manager oversee the process. Many larger companies may employ their own project managers to work with our network design engineers. We can also supply project managers to handle any project if required.

Industries that we work with:
Financial Services
and More..


Technology used by our network design engineers
Our designers are not typical engineers. They are network design specialists. This means that they can design a network from scratch using any technology available on the market today. Some of the hardware we specialize in include:

Cisco Routers
Cisco Switches
Cisco ASA
Cisco PIX
Juniper Routers
Juniper Switches
Juniper Firewalls
BNT Switches
HP ProCurve
And much more!

Some of the technology and Solutions our engineers have performed include:

IPSec VPNs (all types including multipoint, GRE etc)
Advanced Cisco BGP network design
MPLS Design
Firewall Design including campus and internet security
Advanced Juniper Firewall DMZ design
Cisco campus switching network design
Market Data DMZ design
Remote access solutions
Global LAN/WAN/MAN design (including SONET/ATM/Leased Lines/Frame Relay/Metro Ethernet)
Wireless solutions
Advanced Multicast Design
VOIP (including Cisco call manager)
Data Center design
Low Latency Network design
Network Virtualization solutions
SAN design
And Much Much more!

In addition to providing some of the best network designs in the industry we can also deploy anything we design. Be sure about our network implementation services.

For additional details on our network design offerings please contact us.


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