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Unexpected hardware crash? Ipod stop working? We can help. Selden IT Solutions data recovery can recover data from most media devices and within record time. Our success rate is one of the highest in the industry and we are very confident in our data recovery techniques. So confident that if we do not recover your data there will be no charge to you. That's right no charge. This means there is absolutely no risk. Many companies will charge you just to look at your hardware, but not us. Our data recovery service is guaranteed. In addition we have one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry, with turnaround times within 24 to 48 hours.

Who can benefit from data recovery?

Average Person
Just about anyone can benefit from our data recovery. Maybe your PC had an unexpected crash, your CD player eats your CD or your ipod/iphone decided to go dead with all of your favorite songs stored internally. We can recover that data with the ease.

Large Corporations
Sure if you are a large corporation more than likely you have deployed RAID with all of your computer systems. More often than you may think, RAID hardware has failed due to wear and tear or natural disasters. Selden IT Solutions can definitely assist with your Raid data recovery

What sets our Data Recovery apart from the competition
For starters we have to ability to recover data from a multitude of media devices which include:

Laptops and Desktop computers - the most common devices in which our data recovery service is used. Every day there are hundreds of computer crashes. Most people don't realize that their data is recoverable so they go on without their important information. Others attempt to use data recovery software purchased from the internet which does more harm than good. We would recommend staying away from this so called "data recovery" software. In many cases it will make your data much harder to recover. But not to worry if you have already experienced this malicious software. We can help.

RAID - As stated above most businesses should be equipped with a RAID system. The last thing a business would think is that RAID recovery would be necessary. Selden IT Solutions specializes in data recovery from all types of multi-disk computers and servers.

SAN servers - SANs are deployed to securely house critical data including company databases etc. We understand the importance of this data. This is why we employ experienced SAN data recovery technicians to recover your data.

Portable Data storage - This includes floppy disks, zip drives, Jaz drives, DVD/CD, thumb drives flash disks. No matter how they were damaged we can restore your data quickly and accurately.

Digital Cameras - Similar to all the other devices cameras are just another device in our arsenal of recoverable media

IPods and other MP3 Players - Selden IT Solutions has effectively performed data recovery of videos, photos, and music from devices such as the Ipod and/or the popular Iphone. So before you throw away your portable mp3 player give Selden IT Solutions a chance to recover your sensitive information.

We will not void your warranty
For all of our data recovery we can guarantee that we will not void your disk warranty. All of the technicians are certified by all manufactures to work on their devices without voiding the warranty.

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"...hardware and software costs are virtually eliminated."

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