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Selden IT Solutions is a leading software development company that specializes in all programming languages. For the business that requires a custom application, our developers can create custom software applications per your specifications. As we all know, in today's fast paced world our businesses require the latest and greatest software applications possible. The days of purchasing software off the shelf that can handle every business need is yet to come. This is why custom software development is a key tool for successful businesses. This is why we employ the best software development specialists to help ensure that your business is a success .

The Selden IT Solutions software development division is dedicated to making your project a success. In part we accomplish this by taking the time to understand your project thoroughly prior to beginning the work. We also understand that sometimes software development can be a long drawn out process, but we have taken measures to ensure this is not the case. Unlike most firms, we take the time to fully understand software development requirements prior to beginning the work. This will reduce the frequency of follow up questions, delays etc

Script programming

We are software development specialists that will perform all types of development from basic shell scripts or perl scripts to advanced C++ or Java programming. We have written thousands of basic scripts for small to medium sized businesses who don't employ the necessary talent because it is not cost effective. Scripts are a quick and easy form of software development that allow you to easily automate everyday tasks. Maybe you would like to automatically copy files to a specific location. Or maybe run automated ftp jobs. This is where scripting becomes very useful.

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"We have formulated a set of managed services which can satisfy many needs for your business."

"...cut costs while increasing productivity and profitability."

"All of our managed services systems are maintained 24/7 by industry experts"

"...we can also dispatch an onsite technician to resolve issues. "

"...hardware and software costs are virtually eliminated."

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