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Selden IT Solutions has been performing Computer repair for all brands of PCs for many years. Our team of experts have years of experience which qualifies them to repair All computer PC issues. If we cannot fix it, then it cannot be fixed. Weather your PC is having intermittent problems or has crashed completely, Selden IT Solutions Computer repair service can help. We make it very easy. Once you contact us we will send a skilled professional to assess your computer problems quickly and accurately.

The best part of our computer repair service is that in addition to fixing your problem, we can educate users on how to prevent future computer problems. Our technicians are smart courteous professionals that will spend the time to ensure the best possible customer service experience. Some of the services that our computer repair technicians perform include:

Computer Repair: Your computer has been working for months and one day it just stops working. If within the warranty we recommend contacting the manufacturer however many times they are unwilling to assist. We can diagnose your issue and provide you with the best next steps

Computer Setup and Configuration : If you just received a computer from Dell, Sony or another computer manufacture, we can help set it up. We will fully connect your PC and provide basic instruction to get you started.

Internet connection problems : If your internet connection is down or experiencing intermittent connectivity, let our computer technicians get to the bottom of your issues. Don't delay your web surfing any longer

Wireless internet connection problems : Did you attempt to install a wifi connection that is not working? Or are you trying to connect your wifi printer without success? These are a few of the wireless problems that our computer repair experts can fix.

Spyware and Virus Removal : Does your computer have a Virus? Not sure? Let our computer repair experts diagnose your computer and determine the correct course of action. Sometimes a suspected virus can be a benign computer problem. If you call us we will give you free advice on how to prevent viruses and spyware from entering your computer.

internet security: We can show you how to protect your computer from malicious internet threats and fix any existing issues due to your system not being protected.

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