information technology Email Archiving

Information Technology Email Archiving

Selden IT Solutions Email Archiving Service enables customers to automatically and securely archive their internal, inbound and outbound email messages to a centralized, secure location. Through the Control Console, messages can quickly be searched for and retrieved, using both “Simple” (for novice users) and “Advanced” (for technical users) search screens. Customers can elect to have their historical (preexisting) data hosted along with the new messages that are continually imported into the archive from the customer journal mailbox.

The fully-managed email archiving service helps businesses to control the ever-increasing volume of email messages in order to satisfy compliance and business data storage needs, while also facilitating rapid, centralized electronic discovery or archived email.

It has become increasingly important for business to deploy a solution that not only permits archiving email that is internal, inbound and outbound, but also provides for quick, efficient email message retrieval.

Governmental agencies, such as the U.S Securities and exchange commission (SEC) and other regulatory organizations, have established strict requirements for email message retention, accessibility, and security. To be in compliance, organizations must establish compliant archiving email systems to retain electronic communications for a specific time period, guaranteeing that archived emails can be retrieved and presented in a timely manner.

With Selden ITs email archiving solution you can safely and securely store important company emails. All emails stored by us are located on high end systems in our top notch facilities. We can store all of your email for a period of up to 7 years ensuring that you are always within compliance.


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