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Puget Custom Computers

About Puget Systems
Puget Custom Computer is based in the Seattle suburb of Auburn, WA, and specializes in building custom built computers. They emphasize customer control over the cost and quality of every aspect of each system.

Selden IT Solutions and Puget Custom Computer
Many years ago when we started selden it solutions we turned to Puget custom computers to build specialized custom computers for our clients. Our clients included everyone from major corporations to everyday college students. The custom build studnet computers were and continue to be extremely popular with university students accross the country. Over time especially with advancements in computer technology puget remains to be a leader in custom computer systems.

For students looking for the best deal on a desktop computer visit pugets student deals at




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"We have formulated a set of managed services which can satisfy many needs for your business."

"...cut costs while increasing productivity and profitability."

"All of our managed services systems are maintained 24/7 by industry experts"

"...we can also dispatch an onsite technician to resolve issues. "

"...hardware and software costs are virtually eliminated."

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