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Information Technology Email and Web Security FAQ

The Information Technology Email and Web Security FAQ

What do I need to install to use your secure web service?
Absolutely nothing! The Secure web solution is a managed service which means we purchase and manage the hardware and software in an offsite facility. These costs are never passed on to you the customer. Also because we manage it, you don't have to wait for equipment to arrive and we can have you up and running extremely quick.

Can I see reports of how much email is being filtered?
Yes. You can receive daily monthly etc reports which will show you what is being filtered.

Can I see reports of where people are surfing?
Yes. You can receive daily monthly etc reports. Use our system to see who the repeat offenders are of inappropriate internet surfing. Free yourself and employees of the legal liability that visiting the wrong websites can cause. We can't protect your systems using advanced content filtering techniques.

What happens to email that does not make it to my inbox?
Spam and potentially harmful emails that do not arrive in your inbox is held in quarantine. You can view which emails are within quarantine at your leisure and apply filtering instructions. Here is where you can unblock email or make sure that similar future email gets deleted without being quarantined.

What happens if my company has a disaster can I still access my email?
Yes. One of the great features of our secure email solution is that in the event of a disaster we provide the ability for you to access your email via an online portal. This can eliminate a loss to those businesses that heavily rely on email for their business to function. Never fear losing an email again due to a disaster.

Some of my employees download viruses thru online services such as hotmail Gmail or yahoo. Can your secure email and web solution prevent this?
Yes. With the secure email and secure web solutions combined you can achieve your goal. Use the secure email solution to restrict your employees from accessing online email systems via their web browser. This is done simply with the click of a button. Next use the secure email system to protect all of your company mail. It's that simple.

Can you put restrictions on outbound email such as size limitations?
Yes. We provide the ability of filtering outbound email using different options. You can restrict outbound mail based on attachment limits that you define. Also filter email based on what is written within the body of the email. Find out which employees are emailing out their resumes, protect identities by applying special rules to locate email with sensitive info such as social security numbers.

Can I restrict receiving email from specific domains?
Yes. You can filter just a specific email address or everything from a domain such as "all email from"

Can I restrict users from accessing specific website URLs?
Yes. This option is possible and can be used for a variety of reasons including blocking sites that not harmful but hinder productivity.

This service sounds like it could benefit by business I don't think we have the budget for it How much does it cost?
Most business owners assume that due to the wide array of features that our solution is expensive. Surprisingly we can offer email protection for as little as $0.20 center per user. For more information please fill out a request form

I have a large company. Is it possible for this solution to accommodate my business?
Yes. No matter how big or how small your business may be, Selden IT Solutions secure email and web solution can protect your systems.


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